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We understand the significant investment and need for value and creativity in every project. With our experience and your wish list we will design to suit your needs and budget. Green Building and energy efficiency, including use of innovative, recycled, and antique materials are always part of the creative design process. We will assist you with options and decisions in the design phase so the process of remodeling is exciting, not overwhelming. Throughout the process we will provide you with the knowledge you need to feel at ease, and achieve your ideal home renovation on time and within budget.


In 1985, Dale Berns started Metro Homes specializing in finish carpentry contracting. Metro Homes has consistently provided timely, high-quality workmanship for some of the Twin Cities's finest home builders. Through the years, we have gained immeasurable insight and experience in custom homes installing interior woodwork, cabinetry, stairways and more. We know first-hand the importance of quality work in a timely manner with an eye on efficiency. We believe in the tradition of craftsmanship with both innovative and time-tested design.


Dale in 1983. Photo Courtesy of David Korte.

In the spirit of the Arts & Crafts Movement, I believe in combining the treasures of the past with the innovation of today. Thoughtful design and craftsmanship with respect for nature and tradition is reflected in the beauty, comfort, and efficiency of the home. Technology, art, and the home become one in the new meaning of being at home in the twenty-first century."

- Dale J. Berns